Who's in and Who's out?

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Re: Who's in and Who's out?

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Col Hogan wrote:
happyappy99 wrote:I was just reading that Central Arkansas is not eligible to even be conference champion (even by name) due to NCAA rules. This is evidently because they are transitioning up to FCS, and there is a time period in which they are not eligible for any of that, so my understanding is that includes not being eligible for post-season.
Same reason NDSU wasn't eligible last year...even as some folks had them ranked in the top 5 in polls...

Speaking of that, have the mighty fallen...
A win this weekend and they salvage a 7-4 record and 3rd in the MVFC.
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Re: Who's in and Who's out?

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lifesapuntreturn wrote:
Mvemjsunpx wrote: Beating Montana would actually give the Bobcats just 6 DI wins since South Dakota is a non-counter this year. Based on that, their playoff hopes are essentially nil.
Apparently you're saying that because South Dakota is in its transition period as far as their playoff eligibility is concerned that they don't count as an FCS opponent even though they are now an FCS team playing in an FCS conference. I don't think that is correct, which would mean that MSU currently has 6 FCS wins and a win against UM would give MSU 7 wins, thus making the 'required 7 FCS wins' issue moot.

If you can provide a link to the NCAA site where they indicate whether or not a transitional school counts as an FCS opponent in regard to a opponent attaining the necessary 7 DI wins, whether FCS or FBS, I'd be interested in seeing it. Thanks.
I believe in their first year of transition, they neither count for a DI win NOR are they eligible for the playoffs. In year two, they count as a DI win, but are not eligible for the playoffs...
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