UMASS goes to the MAC...

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Re: UMASS goes to the MAC...

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Catattack wrote:
Col Hogan wrote: You left out the TV contract with a real sports network that brings in $$$...and the higher pay out for money games...all that will help build the program...

What is the MAC tv contract worth per team ?
Its been almost 3 months since this question was ask but here is a rough est. of MAC TV Contract. The last time I looked (Few years back) the MAC contract with ESPN was around 1.82 million per year. Devide that by 13 and you get 140K. Now add another mouth to feed and devide it by 14 and you get 130K per year.

MAC TV Contract 1.82 Million
Per Team 130K

This is about 1/3 more than the Sun Belt gets but falls far short of the CUSA contract with Fox and CBSCS which is 7 million from Fox and CBSCS 14 million total. And MWC which is 13.4 million from CBSCS the MTN Network.

CUSA TV Contract 14 million
Per Team 1.16 million

MWC TV Contract 13.4 million
Per Team 1.34 million

I know the MAC has a contract with an Ohio based channel but I don't know for how much, it can't be that much.
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Re: UMASS goes to the MAC...

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Why it sucks to be a UMASS football player right now
Seniors : you are not eligble for CAA Championship or post season.
Juniors : you will not be eligble for the Mac Championship or a bowl game next year
Soph : by the time you could be playing they will have recruited better players than you
Freshmen : see Soph above.
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Re: UMASS goes to the MAC...

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Silenoz wrote:I guess I'm just confused as to who is going to be attending these games. BC is right next to Boston, does respectable-ish in the ACC and only draws 38,000. Compare that to a MAC team across the state that is going to play down in Foxborrough... I'm going to predict 4 figure attendances
Bump. Close, they just managed to clear 10k
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