FCS Playoffs link?

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FCS Playoffs link?

Post by grizzaholic »

The link is now dead...or is it just me?

I was BS'ing with a friend tonight and the topic turned to the Southland Conference .. VS .. Montana.

Things went from scores to playoffs to, fuck it, the SOUTHLAND VS MONTANA and how it has gone downhill since maybe the early 90's? There could be some money involved in a bet...maybe, perhaps, probably. :roll:

I figured I could come here and grab some info and the link is a blank screen.

What do I need to do to fix this?
Is it a money thing?
A time thing?
A user submission thing?
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Re: FCS Playoffs link?

Post by bonarae »

I think this site's contents besides the forum have been broken for a while now. Can somebody clarify? :?
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