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Game 1 - Colts @
Game 1 - Chiefs
Game 2 - Cowboys @
Game 2 - Rams
Game 3 - Chargers @
Game 3 - Patriots
Game 4 - Eagles @
Game 4 - Saints
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Re: NFL Divisional Round Pick 'Em

Postby 89Hen » Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:29 pm

Chizzang wrote:
GannonFan wrote:
Talk about trying to lie through statistics - do you touch your significant other with the fingers that just typed that post? For shame!

There's no getting around that the AFC, using your timeframe of the past 15 years, is much more top heavy than the NFC has been. Sure, each conference has had 5 different teams WIN a Super Bowl in that time. What you failed to mention is that the AFC has only had those 5 teams actually represent the AFC in the past 15 years. 15 years, 5 teams winning the conference championship, with only Baltimore just being there once in the timeframe. In the same timeframe, there have been 10 (2x as many) NFC teams representing in the Super Bowl. Heck, if you look at the longest droughts without a playoff win, 5 of the 6 longest droughts belong to AFC teams (Bengals, Bills, Browns, Dolphins, Raiders) and among those six teams, the NFC team in that list (the Lions) have the most playoff losses (9) meaning that at least they're getting to the playoffs more than the others. There's no comparison, the AFC is extremely top heavy, in your past 15 years, when compared with the NFC.

If by top you mean top 33% then sure... the AFC has mostly an unchanging top 3rd
If by top you mean tippy top - like winning it all - there's not much difference between the two


Tippy top of a conference means conference champion. 5 vs 10 is significant IMO.

Current consecutive playoff streaks...

10 New England Patriots (longest streak in NFL history)
4 Kansas City Chiefs
2 Los Angeles Rams
2 New Orleans Saints
2 Philadelphia Eagles

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