Report: Flacco traded to the Donkeys

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Re: Report: Flacco traded to the Donkeys

Postby 93henfan » Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:55 pm

Chizzang wrote:
93henfan wrote:Yes, Flacco didn't really "want" it in the 2012 playoffs. The 11 TDs and 0 INTs were just due to his innate talent, which overcame his lack of desire to be accurate or win games.

You guys are highly entertaining. :lol: Keep up the good work! :thumb:

was that after he signed his big contract or before ..?


see the post where I reference "after" his big contract
(reading comprehension at a 3rd grade level helps)

You do realize he's been beaten the **** up behind that sieve of an O-line, no? Back, ACL, multiple concussions. Those things are out of his control. Regardless, NFL contracts for QBs are pay for work already accomplished, rather teams like it or not.

Probably the only QB contract that's been a bargain has been, Tom Brady, a once in a league talent. He's also playing under the best head coach and best system in league history as well. Hats off to the Patriots. :nod:

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