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Henry Aaron
After 10 years, I thought this was good enough to post again

Well where to start,

Long before they became Americas team and the "Superstation" was beaming Braves games coast to coast, I can safely say that my father and i were the only Braves fans in Lower Delaware. Around this time, Late at night, on some nights, WSB 750 AM station in Atlanta could be heard loud in clear in slower Lower, I would sit out in the car with Pops listening to the Braves on the radio. He would give me a sip of his Bud (Dad, how can you drink that stuff) The were good for 90 losses a year or more, but we still listened. When the Braves played the Phillies it made for some nice prime time listening brought to you by Harry and Richie and without all the static.

So it is the summer of 1973 and as Henfan said, the build up was National and the media coverage was intense, baseball was still the national pastime and Hank Aaron had the Babe in his sights, the only question was would he catch him that year or would it have to wait, I remember Henry hitting number 700 and I think it was against the Phillies off Ken Brett (Georges brother) only 15 more to go but it's already July something.

1952 - Aaron - left his home in Mobile Alabama with a couple of sandwiches and a twenty dollar bill to go play in the Negro Leagues, played some SS and 2B, hit cross handed meaning his right hand was on the bottom until they changed him. First HR against Vic Raschi, only hit 13 in his rookie year in 1954, never had a serious injury except for a broken ankle that cost him September in 1954.

My earliest baseball memory was a Spring Training game in 1968 at old Al Lang Field in St Pete, I was about 5. The only thing I remember about the game was my father suddenly got weird when Hank came up and told me to pay close attention, and i sure did. Aaron was my fathers idol therefore he became mine.

So Aaron finishes the 73 season at 713 and I had to wait all winter for the 1974 baseball season and the pursuit on the Babe to continue. Despite the tremendous media build up, the death threats and Opening Day in Cincy, Aaron promptly swats a Jack Billingham pitch to tie the record in his first AB of the season. Now it is announced the Braves will play on National TV Saturday game of the week, except the Braves decided to sit hank so he could break the record at home. Bowie Kuhn gets involved for "the best interest of baseball" and order Aaron in the lineup.

So now, its Monday Night, April 8th 1974. Just know there was a farm house on the Bethel Road that was riveted to this game. NBC TV is in Atlanta to televise the game on National TV and America was watching (much less distractions back in those days and one could actually watch a ball game without checking your Iphone). Aaron walked in his first AB and I remember I was getting PO'd at Al Downing for not throwing a strike to him, Aaron comes to the plate for the second AB to another standing ovation from the 53K …… First pitch is yet another ball…. I yell at the set, throw him a strike …… next pitch as JoeC correctly recalled, was a meatball right from the moment it left #44 hand and with a powerful flick of some powerful wrist the ball was sent over the LF fence and caught by Braves reliever Tom House. Pandaemonium. Aaron was met by his mother who locked him up with a hug that almost knocked the wind out of him, he get up to the Mike and said something to the effect of "Thank god it's over". This night was a moment I will never forget.

There was some weird trivia with the #4 and i don't recall the details but Aaron and Downing both wore #44
Date - 4/8/74
time 9:07 - 9 plus 7 is 16 or 4 4 4 4
there is more here I just don't remember and screw google

Mr Aaron was and still is one classy person. Long Live baseballs all time Home run king!
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Former Eau Claire Bear had a great career.
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