Vick going to jail

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Vick going to jail

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Re: Vick going to jail

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So let's see...Vick lied repeatedly to the NFL and the public, and now his lawyer (and Vick) are saying that he is owning up to his transgressions and hoping to begin the healing process.

Screw Vick. The creep lied to everyone, continuously and publicly maintaining his innocence right up until the point where he realized the evidence was irrefutable.

He is not owning up to his behavior, he is just changing his manipulation tactics.

Vick had dogs put down in ugly fashion because their training showed they were not winners. As someone else mentioned, I wonder if Vick, in guiding his team to recent mediocre performances, would appreciate the same consideration.

Ban him...forever. Let him join his brother in the land of the forgotten.
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