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Re: Toyota Stadium

Postby BDKJMU » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:11 am

polsongrizz wrote:I have been to both and I don't see the problem. Not that I want to spend any of my $$$$$ in texas, but it is a whole f u c k load easier to get to.
Small? The place place holds 21000, nothing wrong with the stadium at all. In fact it holds 2000 more fans then the fargo dome does.

Used to have a capacity listed at 20.5k 2015 NDSU/JSU had a record crowd of 21,836. Since the renovation with the soccer HOF in one endzone capacity now is 18k. NDSU/JMU was 1k SRO tickets sold and the attendance was 19,090 overflow sellout. (I incorrectly said 19,900 on the game thread because that‘s what I thought in my buzzed state at the game). NDSU/JMU could have easily filled a 30k stadium.

-The video boards are way too small.

-The scoreboards in each corner were too small and both were partly obscured from where I was sitting. I know that was the case with others as well.

-The lines for beer were way too long.

Bottom line is the game shouldn’t be held in a soccer stadium.

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